Your audio content might be packed with value, entertainment, or both but getting that audio in front of new listeners is difficult. Creating engaging video clips that allow you to share your content out to the platforms that your listeners are using will help you to promote your content and grow your audience.

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First impressions matter

Clippa let's you start from scratch or choose a pre-built design template (more coming soon) so that you can quickly create a great looking video.

Easily change colors, fonts, and images to match your existing branding


Simple audio editing

It's super simple to upload your audio file and select the exact section that you'd like to use in your clip.


Captions made easy

After you're Clip has been created, it's simple to add captions! Clippa will automatically create a text transcription of your clip and allows you to easily make edits.

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  • Create up to 3 videos per month with a maximum length of 1 minute per clip
  • Clippa branding is included in your videos
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Clippa always be free?

We'll always have a free plan and will always honor the features and limits that are included when you sign up. As we add more powerful features in the future, some of those features may be included in a paid plan.

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